Create your own – Kyndle



Petal base reference can be found in the photos!

  • Every batch has it’s own unique aromas and petal themes in order to ensure that you’ll be getting a unique kyndle all the time.
  • Our kyndles are perfect for gifting and we provide doorstep delivery for these to ensure that they reach you in perfect condition.


  • Our kyndles are made of 100% natural soy wax (No parabens, paraffins and bad chemicals!)
    (Note that it’s normal for 100% soy wax candles to not have a fully smooth surface when cooled, if your candle cools with a bumpy surface, it’s normal.)
  • All candles are made to order, and petals are placed and decorated within each jar. All jars are unique to its own combination and is one of a–kynd.

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Aroma / Scent notes of choice * 

Petal base colour theme * 

We’ll curate and pick the flowers based on your choice here. We will be mixing a variety of colours, however, the colour you pick will be the main accent tone.

Add on our exclusive designed gingham coaster along with our kyndle at a flash deal price

Purchasing this product will get you 17  Kynd Credits!