Free worldwide delivery with orders above SGD$100
Free local delivery on all orders
Free worldwide delivery with orders above SGD$100
Free local delivery on all orders


Cleaning for first use

Along with every package we send out, we’ve provided a piece of alcohol swab for you to wipe down your brand new jewellery! This is for hygiene reasons as well as to ensure that your jewellery is fresh and ready to be brought out! Should your package not have the alcohol swab provided, we apologise for the overlook, and please reach out to us!


Daily use and maintenance

All of our products are sent to you in it’s best quality and state. However a long term use of the items would cause wear and tear. For your items to last as long as possible in its best condition, remember to keep them away from perfumes / water exposure. Do avoid going for a dip in the pool with the accessories as well!



As much as possible, do reuse the packaging that we’ve provided to keep your pieces in proper care! Reuse them to store items or even repackage other items if you want to! We can all do our part in saving the environment 😉

Making Payment

We currently only offer credit/debit card payments on our site as a payment option. However, if you do not have this as a payment method, reach out to us and we’ll try to help you with your query.

Order Process

Upon making payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email. We usually take up to 5working days to process and pack your order before sending it out! So keep a lookout for the follow up email with relevant shipping details.

Post order

If you’ve got any questions regarding your order when you’ve received them, do drop us an email and we’ll attend to you as soon as possible. We can be contacted here :