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kyndle care

things to take note of

  • Ensure that candle is used in a well ventilated space, with no strong drafts / wind
  • Always trim your wick to size before lighting the candle to ensure proper burning
  • No more than 4 hours burn time per use
  • Avoid using a lid to put out the flame
  • *Very important* In order for your kyndle to melt down the jar without tunnelling down the middle around the wick, allow the wax pool to form around the first layer completely before putting out the flame to form a “memory” layer for future burning after the wax cools.
  • It’s normal to have an uneven surface as it cools as it’s a natural property of soy wax, so don’t panic!


your kyndle after-care

  • Once you’ve fully burned through all the wax, it’s time to repurpose the jar!
  • Remove the wick base and dispose it wipe down your jar to remove existing wax that has coated the jar
  • Rinse the jar with soap and scrub it down and you’re done!
  • Use the jar to hold plants, or even as a holder for keys. You can even repurpose the jars as home decor
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